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  • 3 PvP modes in MapleStory 2 closed beta [01/17/2015]
    When MapleStory 2's bankrupt beta doors accessible up in Korea from January 21st through the 25th, testers will be able to acquaintance three altered PvP modes. MMOCulture brings chat of Nexon's contempo update, which declared these three modes, including 1v1, free-for-all, and PvPvE.
  • MapleStory 2–prepare an apartment for Closed Beta phase [01/17/2015]
    While player accommodation is one of the capital appearance in MapleStory 2, acreage is bound and owning a landed acreage ability be too big-ticket for most, just like in absolute life. Fret not, as there will be high-rise flats in MapleStory 2 breadth players can hire an accommodation instead.
  • Choose Roles of Maplestory --- part 1 [01/18/2015]
    If you are having a hard time choosing a character for Maple Story, here are some suggestions to help you out. Method 1 of 7: Bowmen;Bowmen can use ranged attacks, and hit actual harder with them.
  • Choose Roles of Maplestory ---part 2 [01/20/2015]
    The following describes thieves.Thieves are a actual absorbing chic in MS. They can jump-attack with throwing stars and advance up abutting with acrimony (although you will accept to accept amid those). They aswell accept the coolest-looking accessories (debatable).
  • Choose Roles of Maplestory ---part 3 [01/21/2015]
    Method 5 of 7: PirateThe following describes pirates. Pros: Have both Brawler which in afterwards levels pays off with appealing air-conditioned abilities such as Transformation. Aswell the Gunslingers are fast, can jump shot, and accept blaze or ice bullets/ammunition if lvl. 70
  • 8 Basics guide to Be Good at Maplestory [01/22/2015]
    With many monsters to fight, quests to complete, friends to make, and lots of places to visit, MapleStory provides a wealth of challenges. What's more, since the game includes cute characters and plenty of scenery, even the youngest gamer can enjoy playing.
  • Effective ways to get a Magnifying Glass in "MapleStory" [01/23/2015]
    In earlier versions of "MapleStory," the accumulative bottle account accustomed players to analyze items in their inventory. However, a arrangement amend and confused the accumulative bottle from the game.
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