Lost Ark takes questionable action against bots

maplestory2mesos Date: Apr/30/22 14:49:10 Views: 1545

The patch notes for the new Lost Ark update are causing discontent: as Amazon despaired of fighting bots, rewards are being canceled for all players.


Lost Ark takes questionable action against bots


After last week's long-awaited April update for Lost Ark, which brought a lot of content to the game and the first new class, the weekly patch should again be released today. This time, it's much smaller, but it still has some changes that all players should have in mind - and hopefully not be upset about them.



Reward canceled due to bot flood

In recent weeks, those who have played Lost Ark must have come across these: Hordes of Gold Farmer bots, most of which come in sword-wielding berserkers.


Despite numerous attempts by developers to end this problem, Amazon Games still fails to get this unsightly plague under control.


Instead, the developers now want to try out new discouragement tactics that real players suffer from as well: According to the patch notes - Gem chest rewards have been removed from the Casual Guardian Raid reward pool:


"Gem chests have been removed to combat over farming of bots"


While there is a chance to win legendary card decks and green, blue, and purple engraving guides as compensation, regular players have already collected more than enough of these books.


And those who still need to collect the prints can buy them at the auction house, as Lost Ark gold prices have plummeted in recent weeks.


But that's not all: various gold rewards that players can receive for completing some world and fortress quests will also be canceled to prevent bot breeding.




Bot developers are always one step ahead of Amazon

Whether the changes in the patch will lead to a reduction in the number of bots wreaking havoc in Arcesia is, of course, highly doubtful. Indeed, the bot's work is becoming less profitable. Still, until the enormous masses of scammers, they will probably continue to work as usual.


Community Manager Roxx also acknowledged on the ( official forum ) that the developers cannot resist cheaters at this time:


"This is a top priority for Amazon Games and Smilegate. We are constantly monitoring and fighting botters as their programs evolve and they find a way to bypass our locks and tools. So it's a constant work back and forth, but we'll never give up ."


Now players will have to settle for fewer rewards than before. It is unknown when the developers will deal a decisive blow to the botters. 


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