Lost Ark: Valtan Legion Raid - First Gate Guide

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Valtan may be the Legion's initial raid in Lost Ark, a series of very tricky battles that require much coordination between you along with your teammates. You and your allies can team up in groups of up to eight to take on Valtan, a two-part boss that is fearsome, powerful, and challenging.

Lost Ark: Valtan Legion Raid - First Gate Guide

Knowledge of all Valtan mechanics is a must. To complete the fight and receive the Lost Ark rewards presented at the end of the battle. Valtan has two difficulty modes: normal mode and hard mode. There are no special mechanics available in Hard Mode compared to Normal Mode, so that this guide can be used for both modes.

Valsartan consists of two "gates" or checkpoints and includes two different boss fights. After a short series of mob battles, you will come face to face with the first boss, a series of wolves that change color and have different attacks. In terms of items, take Panacea, Whirlwind Grenades, and Dark Grenades with you for this fight.

The first boss has x50 health bars to beat, with different mechanics based on different thresholds. Pay attention to the boss's HP bar as you deal more damage.



Sidereal Skills

Purple Wolf to Red Wolf


Orb Alternation

  • Cheese method

Other Attacks

  • Tornado
  • Bombs
  • Attack of fear



Purple Wolf to Red Wolf

Starting at x45 HP, the Purple Wolf will rush towards the center of the map and transform into a Red Wolf. You will take serious damage during this transformation if you stay within a certain AoE while the Wolf is transforming. Direct your team to 9 o'clock or 11 o'clock on the map. (It means West or Northwest.)

Like the Red Wolf, the boss applies the Bleed effect to all allies hit by his attacks. If any of his attacks hit you, you will be stricken with this disease. Bleed disease can stack up to three times. If any of your allies reach three charges, a large area of ​​effect will appear and deal significant damage to your team. Use Panaceas when you have two stacks of bleeding to prevent this from happening.




This mechanic will trigger twice at x40 HP and once at x25 HP. When this mechanic is triggered, another version of the Wolf will appear (Blue Wolf or Red Wolf, depending on which phase you are in). "Invader" refers to the second Wolf that appears during the fight. To continue, you need to defeat the Invader. However, not everyone can damage it.

Four players will receive a buff that resembles a golden orb. (Check the buff bar to see if you have the buff.) Also, one of the four players with the buff will be targeted by the Invader. First, anyone targeted by the Invader must head towards the opposite side of the map from where the original Wolf is. (For example, if the OG Wolf is in the south, the target player should head north.) This is because both wolves will receive a DEF buff if they are too close.

All players have to do now is make sure they defeat the Invader. You can still damage OG Wolf while Invader is out, so try to deal as much damage as possible during this period if you don't have the buff.

If you don't deal enough damage, a mist will envelop the field and place a Dark debuff on all players that imprison players if they reach five stacks. You should aim to skip this phase by dealing enough damage, as this only appears if you take too long to reach x30 HP.



Orb Alternation

This phase occurs twice at x30 HP and once at x15 HP. At this stage, balls of different colors (blue and red) will appear on the map. These positions start at the top and move around the map eight times clockwise. Each player must collect one orb at this stage, but each player must collect the orbs in an alternating color pattern.

Players also cannot collect two orbs. In other words, the first player must collect the red orb. The second player must then collect the blue orb. Then the third player must collect the red orb (continuing for the entire group)—your party.

At the same time, you must pass a daze check and deal enough daze damage to the boss before the time runs out.



Cheese method

You can improve these mechanics by following these steps, and this is by far the easiest and most common way to clean up the mechanics. Send a raid leader to collect one orb. After that, the raid leader should use Wei on the boss. This will deal a lot of daze damage, after which your group can make a daze check first.

Use Whirlwind Grenades to stagger the boss after using Wei quickly. (You may still need to collect a few orbs if your group is low on stagger damage.) If you can hit the Wolf fast enough, you might not pick up the orbs.



Other attacks

The Wolf has many other dangerous attacks that can damage you if you're not prepared for them. These attacks do not meet the set HP thresholds and can appear anytime.



The boss will sometimes turn into a tornado. There is also a huge wind wall that contains a tornado. If you get inside the wind wall, you will have to dodge the tornado while spinning inside the circle. Players trying to run away from the wind wall will take heavy damage.



Each phase of the Wolf has a set of different colored bombs. Each colored bomb has a different effect. The red bomb throws grenades at random, which explodes after a short time. After a short period, the blue bomb explodes and freezes everyone caught in its explosion. The green bomb explodes and unleashes a powerful area attack that you must run to dodge.


Attack of fear

Them. During the Purple Wolf phases, the boss can teleport behind a random player and scare them. If the player is feared, other players must deal daze damage to prevent the Wolf from instantly killing the feared player.


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