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MapleStory V Appreciation Events Available Now

MapleStory appreciation events are live now. The events are available from January 18 until February 7. There are two events for you to join.

How to Get MapleStory Master Books

The Mastery Book is used for the 4th job skills, with it, you are able to maximize the level of the skills. This page mainly tells the ways to get the Mastery Books.

Effecient Ways to Grind MapleStory Professions Level

To Learn a profession, you must be level 35 or higher with 2nd job advancement. In this article, you will learn the efficient ways to grind profession level.

Where to Get the Best Totems in MapleStory

Totems are the equipment in MapleStory, which can be earned in the game event occasionally, while some come with character effects. Where to get the best totems right now? This article will give you the spots to find the best totems.

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